Facial analysis and Digital Smile Design

An ideal smile is linked to certain biometrical features of your face.

By measuring these features and transferring the relevant information in the computer we can analyse your face digitally and use the outcome of the analysis to improve your smile or create a new smile that fits your face better.

Then we proceed with digital imaging on the basis of your portrait photograph to show you exactly what changes should be done to end up with a harmonic result.

Here is the good news: digital imaging allows you to see the result on your portrait photograph before your teeth are even touched by the dentist!

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Diagnostic case planning

In order to end up with a satisfying aesthetic and functional prosthesis, it is very important to plan each case by using photographs, study casts and afterwards creating a wax up. The wax up shows clearly how we could improve the existing situation and what are our limitations.

Afterwards, the wax up can be used for creating provisional crowns. In this stage, modifications to the work are always possible. However, by skipping this step in the process we might end up with a prosthesis that patients would not accept.

For the final outcome, we copy the shape and the length of the provisional work.

This procedure guarantees that there is no stress regarding the outcome for the patient, dentist as well as the dental technician.

Dental Digital Photography

Digital photographs allow us to show you exactly how your new ceramic teeth can improve your appearance. You can see and take home your new smile before the treatment begins.

A photograph of your teeth before the treatment also helps the technician to mimic your unique natural characterisation in your ceramic teeth.

The new modern technologies involved into this service maximize the level of communication between the patient, dentist and the technician.

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