Looking young, feeling healthy

It is only natural that as we get older our “body parts” are wearing down. The same happens with our teeth.

The teeth are changing day by day. It is not only the body of the teeth but also their translucency and glow. This has a significant impact on your appearance and well-being.

The teeth get more translucent with age and that is why they appear greyish. Yellowish discolouration also appears. Big deep stained crack lines develop. Losing a tooth or two for various reasons is quite common. Those unable to chew the food properly because of missing teeth can easily develop illnesses to their digestive system. Missing teeth can also cause disappearance of the jaw bone structure. The jaw is shrinking and this reflects in an older expression of your face.

The good news

is that thanks to the newest technologies we can correct a large part these imperfections that are so bothersome to many of us. A decision to remake your smile gives you the possibility to make a full use of our extensive selection of various types of veneers and crowns. They can make a substantial difference to how you feel and how you look.

In case you are missing one or more teeth it is also possible to construct an implant crown or a common bridge. The bridge will save you from wearing a removable denture which is less comfortable to wear, and frankly, more than often less aesthetic. By using dental implants we are able to support the jaw bone and thus make you look younger and healthier.

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Looking young,
feeling healthy

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