Price estimation

The price of your dental product is derived from the type of work and the type of material used.

We can advise you on your individual needs and provide the laboratory costs price estimation.

Free consultation

The collaboration between Patient, Dentist and Technician very important to achieve the final result we are aiming to.

Custom colour shading

Our customers are always welcome in our Dental Atelier for a consultation on the colour of their teeth.

Facial analysis and Digital Smile Design

Analyse your face on the computer and check out your new teeth before the makeover even begins. A ground-breaking new approach makes you see the results in advance of any treatment. Come and get a photo of your new smile!


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Pick-up and delivery

Dental Atelier Michal Siakel provides for a free pick-up and delivery service.

Custom colour shading

We are pleased to see the patients individually for a free custom shading appointment.


Please make an appointment for a free consultation on individual cases.

Diagnostic case planning

In order to end up with a satisfying aesthetic and functional prosthesis, it is very important to plan each case by using photographs, study casts and afterwards creating a wax up. The wax up shows clearly how we could improve the existing situation and what are our limitations.


More information for dentist

Please contact us to get more information