About Dental Atelier

Dental Atelier is here to empower you to live a healthy, happy life with a peace of mind.

Just like a fingerprint, each smile is unique and that is why we offer each customer an individual approach.

Using modern methods and the latest equipment we provide our customers with a smile that not only fits but is also functional.

Communication is the key to reach such results

With the dentist on one side and with the customer on the other. This allows to set an appropriate direction of the treatment and to reach the optimal result. Every step of the way is set in advance so there is no unwanted surprise at the end of your treatment.

We consider it crucial to mimic all the life-like features of the natural tooth to arrive at the best aesthetic look.

Michal Siakel

Michal Siakel

  • January 2013 - present
    Director at Dental Atelier Michal Siakel, Brussels, Belgium
  • January 2010 - December 2012
    Director at Ceramic Design GmbH, Weinheim, Germany
  • April 2007- December 2009
    Dental technician (self-employed), Weinheim, Germany
  • April 2005 - March 2007
    Dental technician at Smiledent Ltd., Dublin, Ireland
  • July 2002 – January 2005
    Dental technician at Eurodent Medima, Martin, Slovakia

Continuous education in field of dental technologies, attending regularly various courses and lectures.

The latest courses

  • 12unit zirconia bridge with pink porcelain led by Luke Hasegawa, Baden-Baden, Germany
  • eLAB course led by Irmen de Vries and Cai Verweij, Beilen, Netherlands
  • Key Effects: Concept & Application of Willi Geller Creation System led by Naoki Aiba , Meiningen, Austria
  • Platinum foil Veneers course led by Erik Mentink, Leuven, Belgium
  • Old Fashioned - a platinum foil course led by Claus-Peter Schulz, Baden Baden , Germany
  • Advanced Anterior Course led by Murilo Calgaro, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Digital Smile Design led by Christian Coachman, Winnenden, Germany
  • Function & Aesthetic led by Alf-Henry Magnusson and Udo Plaster, Gaggenau, Germany
  • Form, Surface and Texture led by Bertrand Thievent, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Ivoclare Vivadent Emax Ceramic Course led by Claudio Joss, Schaan, Lichtenstein

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Mission and goal

We care that everyone gets an exceptional service from us. We are here to create a smile that lasts.

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