What is a porcelain veneer/lumineer?

Porcelain veneer or lumineer is a very thin shell (thin like an egg shell) made of ceramic material attached on front side of your tooth . Your tooth might need a minimal or no preparation before the treatment, depending on the effect you would like to reach.

What is a crown and how would the tooth be prepared for treatment?

Crown is a cap (made of different materials, from metal to full ceramic) that replaces your natural tooth structure. Your original tooth needs to be prepared in advance (certain thickness of your tooth structure is removed by the dentist in order to create space for the crown) and the crown is cemented/attached on top of it.

What is a provisional crown?

Provisional crown is an acrylic or a composite crown fitted until the final crown is produced.

What is a bridge?

Bridge is done when one or more of your teeth are missing. The teeth closest to the gap are prepared (certain thickness of the tooth structure is removed by the dentist to create space for anchoring the crown that replaces the missing tooth) and the bridge is cemented/attached in place.

What is an implant crown?

When you are missing one or more teeth the dentist place an implant into your jaw, and afterwards a crown or a bridge is constructed to replace your teeth. This way you do not need to 'prepare' other teeth for the treatment.

What is a ceramic inlay/onlay

Instead of a black or composite filling, a ceramic filling (called inlay) is created in the laboratory and attached in the cavity (left after the caries were removed) by the dentist. Ceramic fillings are not visible and long lasting.

What is diagnostic wax up?

The impressions of your teeth taken by the dentist are used by the laboratory to make a plaster model of your teeth. The model is then used to make 'mock-up' teeth made of wax in order to see how your future smile will look like and to ensure the utmost precision of the work. These 'mock-up' wax teeth can also be used for construction of temporary crowns.

What is a Facial Analysis and Digital Smile Design?

From your portrait photograph we can analyse and digitally correct the problematic issues of your smile.

How much will the new smile cost?

The price depends on the type of work that needs to be done.

PleaseĀ contact us to get price estimation.

Do I need to change my dentist when I decide to make changes?

You do not have to change your current dentist. Please contact us to get more information.

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